A nasal hair trimmer and ear and facial hair trimmer goes all the way towards perfect grooming

Let’s talk about one thing at a time. The call has been made by grooming experts to pay a little more attention to those fine and delicate aspects of the gentleman’s anatomy which often go overlooked for a few good manly reasons. But these days, the perfect gentleman is not some chivalrous old codger from years gone by. He is also today’s desirable metro-sexual man. He is desirable in the sense that he is much admired for his good looks and gentlemanly charm.

Those that notice these little things in a non-judgmental sort of way will be suitably impressed with the modern bloke who isn’t shy to use a nasal hair trimmer on the odd but necessary occasion. He is taking good care of other areas of his facial and head anatomy as well. That is why he would be the first to admit that the use of a nose, ear and facial hair trimmer, all rolled into one, wouldn’t be a bad idea either.

nasal hair trimmer

On the whole, the portable, battery operated and versatile instruments are designed to rid the bloke’s face of unsightly hair for once and for all and with as little effort and fuss as possible. Dual-edged blades cut hairs effectively from the sides and through the top, not forgetting those stray hairs that would want to get away. It is like having a good, decent short back and sides with the bespoke barber. Taking good care of hygiene and sensitivity, hypo-allergic stainless steel blades are being used.

These steel blades also allow for necessary details to be carried out simply and intuitively. They are also waterproof instruments can be easily be cleaned in a wash basin.