Good motivations for avid musicians to use the Behringer VD400

Whether you are still learning how to accomplish yourself with your favorite musical instrument, usually the guitar, but even the keyboard recorder, then this motivation is for you. If you are already an accomplished and experienced musician then you already appreciate the perfection that the production of analogued sound delay brings you. But in your search for excellence, you may still be looking for the perfect musical instrument.

The Behringer VD400 can no longer be considered as merely an assistant to you. It should be considered an important member of your recording studio band; such is its effectiveness in producing the perfect sound delays. It is reminiscent of years gone by when musicians only relied on authentic instruments to finish a perfect work of art. It is far removed from the unsatisfying rapid move towards digitalization, something the perfectionist will never come to truly accept, let alone use.

The Behringer allows you to control your standard controls of intensity, repeat and echo. The result, established musicians well know, is authenticity. The Vintage Delay VD400 is installed with a special noise reduction circuit helping the musician to listen to the sound of an analog delay without experiencing any loss in sound. While analog sound delay is being produced, loss of noise is reduced.

Behringer VD400

The product is, however, factory made. It is thus not a handcrafted model. But as a portable, versatile and durable instrument, it requires no electricity usage. As a portable and sustainable device, only battery power is required. As a durable instrument, it is made from plastic that cannot be broken through accidental dropping. This is perfect for travelling musicians on the road. It is perfect for the student of music.