The Unique History of Singapore

Singapore is unique on the world stage for a number of reasons. Like only a handful of other countries, Singapore is a city-state. This means that the entire country is located within, and just outside of, a single city. How this city has been shaped from it modest founding by an East Indiaman trader and British statesman to now boasting modern luxuries like the Artra condos and the beautiful Gardens by the Bay, is quite the story. I have put together a quick primer for you on the history of this unique nation.


Although settlements were located on the Island since around the year 1300, it wasn’t until 1819 when Stamford Raffles founded a trading post there that modern day Singapore really began. Stamford was a representative of the British East India company and by default, of the British Empire itself. After the rise of British power in India, the island quickly fell under the official purview of Queen Victoria’s empire. These initial penchant for trade and growth still define the city today.


War II

Japan occupied Singapore (and much of Asia) under their bloody attempt to unite the majority of Asian countries under their emperor. The battle of Singapore resulted in a large number of British troops surrendering the city to the Japanese. The remaining years were filled with horror as the Japanese exterminated many ethnic Chinese and the allies began a bombing campaign against the city. After the defeat of the Japanese, Singapore was returned to British control.


In 1962, Singapore held a referendum in which its people chose to leave the British empire and join the federation of Malay. Singapore quickly faced disagreements in this new situation and gained complete autonomy in 1965. In a single generation the business friendly policies of Singapore brought it from a third to a first world nation.


Today, Singapore boasts many wonderful sights and sounds found in any advanced modern city. High-end developments like Artra condos, human-made Sentosa Island and a plethora of other unique tourist attractions ensure Singapore remains as a hot travel destination for tourists from all over the world.